About Us


MRL Logistics was established in 2006 with a view to help all business from small to large, better manage their freight requirements.

Many small to medium enterprises (SME’s) do not receive the deserved service, as their freight volumes are much less than the larger businesses.

On the other hand many large enterprises are seeing the benefit of outsourcing their logistics team to provide them with a more coherent logistics solution.

At MRL Logistics we are all about service and quality. Our slogan “Superior service, Superior quality” is to ensure we are continuously providing great level of service and quality to all our customers whether it be a small to medium enterprise or for our corporate clients.

Every company has a Logistics department, which is either a separate team of people or as part of the role of an individual who handles the transport/logistics requirements.

We understand transport and logistics takes a great deal of time to manage and follow up, hence we see ourselves as the logistics and transport department of all our customers and we report back to the clients from service levels, to pricing and customer satisfaction.

We believe companies should spend less time managing their freight and logistics requirements and spend more time on their business.