Address Verification API

MRL Logistics Address Verification List API will ensure the suburb, postcode, state match in accordance with Australia Post database. Many shippers, have the continued problem that the customer enters the wrong suburb matching the wrong postcode or even state. This causes delivery issues, lost freight, misdirected or potentially even lost and at times delivered to the wrong person. The lack of such information causes serious operational issues for shippers and with new suburbs and postcodes being added every month, it is difficult to be up to date with all this information when all you need to do is focus on your business and expect the freight provider to provide this service to you.

At MRL Logistics we have made our customers operations easy by providing this easy to use API solution as a valued added service to our customers.

Freight Calculator API

Many companies would like to accurately charges their customers the freight costs.

Using MRL Logistics Freight Calculator API, you can send selected information to our system and we will output a response with the total price back to your system and your system can then add a margin on top of that and display it on their website, without the need to maintain rates to all locations.

This API services is provided complimentary as a valued added service to trading customers.

IT Integration

We have full API Integration whereby you can create connotes inside your existing systems such as WMS or ERP systems.

Our API Integration will assist in the following:

  • Consignment generation to conform with MRL Logistics standards
  • Track and Trace Integration
  • POD Integration
  • Order Export Integration